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Looking for painting services in Brooklyn and New York City? We offer you superior quality painting services at affordable rates. We service: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau county and Yonkers.

We take pride in our work

We are a new company that hand selects experienced professionals with an eye for detail,  dedication to their work and who take pride in what they do. You will see the difference!

Give your life some color!

We can give your house or business a fresh, new look. Why settle for dreary and dull when you can enjoy a lively, warm and inviting color scheme for each room?

We try harder

Because we are new, we work for your repeat and referral business. Not content with being like firms who take you for granted, we work hard to make sure you are totally happy with your new look.

A happy, smiling team on your side

Smiles, great attitudes, courteousness and a positive work attitude are just some of our unique qualities. We are glad to serve you and we show our appreciation in every job we do.


We offer you superior quality work at affordable rates. Why pay more for quality? Take a glance at some of our services:


We sit with you and listen to your ideas and help you to make them a reality. Your new paint scheme will be with you all day, every day. So we want to ensure it is exactly as you desire.

We listen to you

Painting your dream and making it a reality. Let’s hear what you envision.

Working out the details

Small details count. We make sure everything is laid out properly ahead of time. This way we know you will be satisfied with the final result.

Step by step...we get you where you want to go

Planning your work…and working your plan. Once your scheme is planned, we work meticulously to make it come to fruition


Your home is your castle. And we treat it that way. So let's make your castle shine brightly with the colors that you envision.


A welcoming work environment allows everyone to enjoy coming to work and makes it easy to focus. Cheerful colors and pleasing tones are vital to making your corporate atmosphere one you will be proud to call your own.

Make your paint dreams come true

We are here to ensure you get a paint job you will be proud to show your neighbors, relatives and friends. Let's hear what your dreams are. Contact us...now!

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